Good things come to those who wait … right?

Many Canadians are looking forward to being able to legally smoke marijuana this summer, but the biggest question still looms: how much is too much, especially when it comes to getting behind the wheel? The senate still hasn’t confirmed what the legal amount of THC in a driver’s system should be, and it’s not for lack of trying – there still hasn’t been definitive scientific proof of what that number might be.

Police forces are requesting more time, even well past the July 1st proposed legalization date, to allow for their 65,000 officers across the country to gain proper training and have an effective roadside tool to test the amount of THC in a driver’s system, similar to what they now use to test for alcohol impairment. The government wants to make sure everything is done the right way, but that could mean a further delay well into the fall, perhaps even winter.

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