From grassroots beginnings, the Green Room has secured its position as a leader of both supply and information within the growing marijuana sector. Green Room provides wide, well-regulated access to safe, high-quality marijuana as a valid and effective alternative for people with various chronic conditions.

Serving to help establish and support a carefully structured and managed marijuana system within Canada, each cannabis expert within the Green Room society of professionals is tasked with the singular goal to fill the educational gap between need and product; matching specific ailment to optimal product, dosage and usage within strict ethical and quality control guidelines from the safe and comfortable environment of a Green Room marijuana storefront.

This specialized care and support is given with reliable and friendly expert advice and a focused determination to strengthen community through the lives of all Canadians desperately seeking relief from pain and suffering to improve both quality of life and the ability to remain a productive member of society.

Helping Canadians find the optimal product for their specific need with expert understanding and care. It’s well within reach in the Green Room.

Frederick Pels

Frederick was introduced to the Green Room team in 2013, specially selected for his keen entrepreneurial skills, vast background in finance, contacts throughout the business community and experience within the industry.

Since becoming president and CEO, Frederick has worked diligently to solidify the Green Room as a leader in both marijuana supply practices and education about the cannabis industry itself. His goal has been to demonstrate that distribution can be achieved in a safe, well-regulated environment and delivered in a manner where high-quality cannabis products are made available as a valid and effective alternative for people with various conditions.

Frederick has worked steadily to educate and create awareness of the industry throughout municipal, provincial and federal governments. He has set the standard through extensive research and implementation of best practices in the area of distribution. In 2016, he commissioned economic strategist Mark Anielski to prepare an economic feasibility study to review the benefits of the private retail model for distribution of marijuana, demonstrating how well this model can work in Canada, even in the most conservative provinces.

Frederick’s respect for the cannabis industry stems primarily from his innate entrepreneurial drive. He also witnessed the benefits of a product that people needed but had very limited or no access to. Through his distribution model and the hiring of knowledgeable, skilled staff at Green Room, consumers can trust that they are receiving appropriate recommendations and have access to a larger variety of safe and effective products.

Leading by example, he plans to continue to prioritize public safety and work with all levels of government as they navigate how to regulate the sale of cannabis while maintaining control over who is qualified to access the products once it becomes legal.

Cazador Holland

Cazador’s love of the culinary arts and entrepreneurial spirit led him to open the very successful La Casita restaurant in Gastown, Vancouver, as well as many other successful restaurants in the area.

As the co-founder of Green Room, his business skills and tact were the vehicles that made it possible to so precisely execute the vision of Green Room. Cazador’s ambition brought the company from a local Vancouver retail shop to a nationwide chain.

While he continues to be a restaurateur, Cazador’s passion for the cannabis industry in all forms is his driving factor now.